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Welcome to
Music Speaks Magazine!
Where music speaks, and people listen.

…Who we are…
We are an army of a few die-hard music fans that came together with a love of music. Each one of us has a taste for everything music without prejudice. What does that mean? It means that we love it all; from Death Metal to Hip-hop there’s a special place in our hearts for your music. And we intend to write about it.

…What we do…
We work with promoters, indie labels, and the un-signed DIY artists of the world. Here at Music Speaks Magazine we scrounge the internet for the newest underground, unheard of, and up-and-coming artists all over the world. In our online Magazine we publish articles that give you a taste of how the bands, artists, and music made us feel.
We work for you, the listeners and artists that scour day in and day out for that new something that will change your outlook on life forever. Hopefully, you can find it here, but if you didn’t let us know about it!

Speak out…
We love hearing from readers about their favorite new music, or old music they’ve been following for decades that just hasn’t caught on yet. Send us an email, message, carrier pigeon, anything. Just let us know. Heck, just say “hi” from time to time. We love giving away free stuff to readers that let us know they’re out there. We make it easy, scroll just a tad further and you’ll come across a contact form.


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