Pretty Beggar, too soon? Not soon enough.

Pretty Beggar may be just getting started, but they’re going far.

by Joshua Crouse – Music Speaks Magazine

Earlier today I was working on a project when I was contacted by a friend with a band he suggested I check out called Pretty Beggar. He informed me that, although they had only formed just over three months ago, I should give them a listen. So I did, and I was pleasantly surprised. Clear, clean vocals, smooth grooves, catchy hooks, and great lyrics.

Based in Milwaukee Wisconsin this two-piece is force to be reckoned with. The first track to pop up on their SoundCloud page is called Lead. It’s groovy. The sweet yet chunky guitar track makes you want to lean back deep in your seat, flip down the sunglasses, and enjoy a smoke with a dirty Scotch. As you jam your way through the verse you feel like the show is all for you. You can’t help nodding your head to those sweet, bluesy licks. Slip on some headphones, close your eyes, and let the day cruise on autopilot.

Next up on the playlist, Sudsy. A very cool tune. To me, this track is what would happen if The Strokes and The Hives had a love child, and that love child played jazz. For the true inde-rock fan, Sudsy is a must. Oh My, the next track, falls into that category as well. A bit more upbeat, giving off more of an Eagles vibe, Oh My can’t wait to get you on the dance floor. Riff after riff, this song just keeps on giving. It wouldn’t surprise me if Oh My became their first single.

Already getting radio play in the UK, they’re on the way to proving themselves amidst some of the greats. With every tune on this album you expect to eventually come across one that just doesn’t make the cut, but I am pleased to say the ride never ends. Ladybug is another one of those tunes that make you feel as though you’re constantly driving into the sunset with the top down and all of life’s problems fading away in the dust behind you. I could go on for days, but I want you to take a listen for yourself.

All I Got is Love, Tell You What, Chili Pepper Chocolate, Witness, Lookin So Good, and Paid Up are all worth the time out of your day to listen. Tell You What is one of my personal favorites. There’s some much power in this song. Tell You What is a song that will stand the test of time. Assuming they stick with it, Pretty Beggar has a lot going for them. I can’t wait for them to hit the Fox Valley! I, for one, can really get behind their music, and I truly hope they go far. They certainly have the talent to do so. Thanks John, it was a pleasure to come across Pretty Beggar and their very groovy sound. Check out the rest of their music on SoundCloud here.

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