Time Community Theater

Community isn’t just a word to the Time Community Theater.

The Time Community Theater is, in my opinion, probably one of the greatest assets to the downtown Oshkosh experience. To the Time Theater, community isn’t just a word to be thrown around lightly. The employees that make up the Time Theater are almost entirely volunteer. That’s right, the individuals that make up the staff don’t do it for a paycheck. They genuinely love movies, and the people that come out to see them.

Check out this documentary about our Time Community Theater

At the Time movie-goers can get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see every great movie you may have missed on the big screen. They may not be showing the latest box office hit, but the movies they show are tried and true. They are every great classic, every wonderful silver-screen moment, and every soul-piercing story worth being shown on the big screen.

Ever wanted to see Pink Floyd The Wall on the big screen?

Or how about E.T. The Extra Terrestrial?

Well, it’s never too late to see the great movies we all love and remember at the Time Community Theater. It’s because the Time isn’t your typical movie theater that makes it worth the trip. What the Time Theater does, is bring you every great movie that you’ve ever missed on the big screen. With it’s shiny, smiling volunteer staff, you can be sure that a trip to the movies is the experience it was meant to be. For a full schedule, or details about how you can get involved click here.

On behalf of Music Speaks Magazine, thank you Time Community Theater for enriching our great downtown area here in Ohskosh, WI!

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