Genius in just under 2 days.

Christopher Gold & The New Old Things

“Whichever Way Home” – Out on May 13th, 2016

Christopher Gold has been lighting up stages all over the Fox Valley and the mid-west. If you haven’t gotten the chance to see this guy in action, you need to. His most recent release, scheduled to hit the shelves May 13th, “Whichever Way home” is a touch of everything you know and love about music. With his bushy beard, long hair, and obvious tattoos, Chris Gold reminds us of our humanity, and what really matter in life. With his days on the road stacking up, you can hear a clear theme of missed loved ones across this well written, heart-felt album.

Here’s what Christopher had to say about the album:

“We made a record in two days. It’s called “Whichever Way Home” and it comes out on May 12. It was 15 hours of pizza and smiles and madness and the wonderful Aaron Jankowski documented the whole thing.” You can see a video of “Winter Wind” above, and check out his official page here.

The album kicks off with an epic southern feel. You can feel that something truly amazing is about to happen. “Coming Home” has a marching ballad feel that draws heavily on Harmonica fills, and lyrics that paint a beautiful image of returning home after a long drift on the road.

As soon as “Ghost Town” begins you can’t help but dance around images reminiscent of a Quentin Tarantino film. A familiar montage of lonely roads ahead, forgotten memories, and lost futures. “Ghost Town” has earned it’s place permanently on my daily playlist.

“Girls in Their Dresses” is a true driving tune. A message of just trying to get back home plays flawlessly as guitars cruise through Country-Western infused sound waves. Smooth bass lines and upbeat percussion give this tune exactly what it needs to keep you comfortably laid back in the drivers seat of life.

They take it down a notch with “I’m Gone”. If you haven’t felt something yet, you will when you listen to the smooth melodies of “I’m Gone”. It seems as though every track on this album was written just as it should have been. The amount of talent that went into this album is astonishing.

Just as “I’m Gone” finishes up, there’s a pickup in the mood and here comes the bluesy, bouncing guitar to liven up the room with “Roll On”.

“Roll On” is the positive, keep on keepin’ on moment we all need in our lives. You can’t stop the motivation from swelling up inside while jamming out to this really great track. If there was ever a song that should be played when you think you’re at the end, “Roll On” should be at the top of your list. With it’s sweet guitar licks and pleasantly familiar vocals, I have no doubt that “Roll On” will continue to be an inspiration to many people across the world.

It’s not often that you find an album that flows so smoothly from start to finish, and with so many great tunes. How every track flows into the next offering up the next chapter as if to say, “here’s what you’ve been waiting for” is what makes “Whichever Way home” a true album. Although each song is just as good on it’s own, this album really shines when listened to as a whole. I highly recommend catching Christopher Gold live, and getting your hands on these really amazing tracks. Find out more about the project, and where you can see him live at

Photo credit – Aaron Jankowski & Dave Jackson

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