Stream of Consciousness

Stream of Consciousness, hardened by society and driven by truth.

Stream of Consciousness, or Stream, has been in the hip-hop game for a while now. With years of stage experience, and a library of material, his version of hip-hop takes a very real approach. His words are not about bitches and hoes, drugs or guns, or violent hate of any kind. As a politically-driven artist he speaks the things that his fans are already thinking. He speaks of corruption, greed, and powerful men taking advantage of those less fortunate. His rhymes are well developed, clever, and are backed with powerful emotions, fused directly with facts we see every day, but fail to notice. His album, The Pentagon Papers, will have you hanging on every syllable, raging for redemption, and screaming for justice. Stream of Consciousness doesn’t just flow rhymes, he directs your mind down the path of righteousness with knowledge. The definition of his name, sums up his personal style.

Stream of Consciousness – A literary style in which a character’s thoughts, feelings, and reactions are depicted in a continuous flow uninterrupted by objective description or conventional dialogue.

It’s no big surprise to anyone that politically-driven lyricists are mused by the world around them. They see the suffering of corruption in the world, and feel obligated to do something about it; and that’s just what Stream of Consciousness is all about. He’s got something to say, and he uses his stage to tell you all about it.

Stream has shared the stage with some really impressive acts. Not only does he share his message of truth, and unity on stage, but he has also been featured on mix tapes like Emcees 4 Peace. For Stream, it’s not about bringing down the establishment, it’s about promoting peace. So, whether you agree with his political views, or not, let his music speaks for itself. Check out the Stream of Consciousness Sound Cloud page here.

With more than twenty tracks on just his Sound Cloud page alone, you can be sure Stream has a lot to say. But that’s not all. He’s a true worker when it comes to his music, and live performance. I got the chance to see Stream perform at The Reptile Palace in Oshkosh this past fall. The entire performance took me for a ride. I wasn’t expecting the level of crowd engagement, energy, or movement I saw on stage. You can literally see the passion pouring out as Stream puts everything into his set. I was blown away by both his lyrical content, and his ability to captivate the audience with his words. As a performer myself I can say that this man gives 110% during his entire set. Luckily, you can see all this for yourself on May 12th.

Stream of Consciousness will be joining Nappy Roots here in Neenah, WI on May 12th at Cranky Pat’s, 905 S Commercial St, Neenah, WI.

The show details are:

Cranky Pat’s Live Music and Face Entertainment Presents: Nappy Roots with special guest Juda Priest from Wu Tang Zu Bulliez. This is really going to be an amazing show with Stream of Consciousness, Sheol Dynasty, R.Braille, Evan Ramsey, and BiGGeR ProDuction’Z.
Music powered by Face Entertainment and hosted by Bo1katt the Impostar
5/12/16 9:00pm
$20 *Tickets on sale
-Hard copy tickets are available in Cranky Pat’s Pub. This is a 21 & over show so please bring your ID, and drink responsibly, but remember to have a good time. Cranky Pat’s will be running a drink special that night as well in celebration of this great show. $2 – 16 oz. PBR & Busch Light.

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