STEEZ, the ‘Funk’ in Funkadelic!

Steez, Creepfunk, and what to do with the ‘D’.

They call themselves Creepfunk, but the Madison-based band known as Steez has been putting the funk back in Funkadelic. With a colorful stage presence, beats that cause instant sway, and jams that’ll have you dancing late into the show, Steez fills the room at the Mirimar Theatre and Majestic Room in Madison on the regular. It’s no surprise either. Once you get that first note in your ear, there’s no stopping the funk from taking over. This year they’ll be playing Brat Fest at Willow Island in Madison on May 29th, and I for one, will not miss this show.

Steez has a flow, and show, about them that reminds me of George Clinton and P-Funk. They jam smooth and true as the music seems to flow directly from the very soul of the music itself. Forming into shapes, colors, and moods. Steez isn’t all business though, songs like “S my D” you know they’ve got a solid sense of humor.

S my D, it’s a song that begins ever so funky with a bouncy Talk Box intro. Before you know it, you’re cruising the hallways with a hop in your step as the bass shows you how to walk, and the sax shows you how to talk. It’s a funk-tastic groove that sets the mood to the likes of George Clinton, and P-Funk.

Trouser Snakes is another great tune. Heavily driven by the Keys and Bass, this is one jam you won’t want to pass up. Heavily encased in electronic tones, Trouser Snakes feels like riding along within a story. Each turn brings you another piece of the puzzle. I can see why so many people get into the jam session that is Steez.

You can find them, and their music here on their Reverb Nation page. Also on Facebook here.

“The band’s humble beginnings include getting banned for life from a venue after their first ever live performance, maneuvering a moped accident involving a parked car, and cruising the Midwest in the inspired 35 foot band bus, ‘Big Brown.'” – Steez

It’s impressive that these young musicians have captured such an essence of Funk. They’re groovy, they’re funky, and it’s easy to get lost in the music. If you really dig tunes you can dance to, and want to feel what it’s like to jam the night away, take a listen to Steez. They don’t just have good jams, their sense of humor, and laid back attitude will help you relax so you can enjoy the rest of your life. Don’t forget to catch them May 29th at Brat Fest in beautiful Madison, WI.


Article by Joshua J. Crouse

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