Kenxi Dupey, A Star on the RIND.

Kenxi Dupey has now signed with Sinister Guitar Picks!

RIND Entertainment announced earlier this week that Kenxi Dupey, guitarist for the Fox Valley-based all-girl rockers Eminence, signed an Artist Agreement with them stating, “I signed with RIND Entertainment to have the opportunity to grow further as a musician and start making a brand for myself.” This announcement sparks a new chapter in this young artist’s career. It won’t be long before that brand is everywhere.

When I contacted RIND Entertainment, Tom Hooks let me in on how they found her, and why they decided to bring her into their already impressive list of artists.

“When we first met Kenxi at April Anarchy we instantly became fans and friends. Later that year we had Eminence play a show for us and I got to see first hand how professional this star was.

We continued to stay in touch and earlier this year we went to see Eminence play at Rock For Wishes. After that show I posted a picture of Kenxi and what I call a Hairplosion on my personal media sites. It got more likes and shares than any other picture I have ever posted. It was then that I could tell that the world was starting to see what I already knew, that this girl was going to be a star.

Being a friend who knows the music business we felt that Rock is Not Dead Entertainment would be a good fit for Kenxi and we couldn’t be happier or prouder to have this rising star working with us and look to a great future for her as many great things have already happened, but there is so much more in the works… Stay Tuned.”-Tom Hooks, RIND Entertainment

It’s becoming apparent that not only has Kenxi blown the minds of her audience, she seems to have blown away the industry as well. And not just a guitarist either. Kenxi has been a Cellist for 11 years running. Along with guitar and cello, she has an arsenal of talent when it comes to many other stringed instruments. She’s a one-woman music machine. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Kenxi rock out with Eminence, and I’m anxious to see what she does next.

Now, starting down the road to her solo career Kenxi is collaborating with other artists, even creating a video for the song “Close My Eyes Forever”. In My opinion, Ozzy Osborne and Lita Ford should be proud to see how Dakota Malinowski of Killing Rapunzel and Kenxi Dupey made it their own. Tom Hooks has wanted this collaboration from day one. Kenxi said that, “My agent, Tom, claims he saw this in his mind right from the start so we made it happen!” Sure enough, Tom knows his stuff because these two voices together make for a serious force to be reckoned with. You can see for yourself below. Tom tells me that the entire project was recorded and edited in about 5 hours by Emmitt Raczkowski from ER Studios.

“After two weeks of individual prep work we ended up recording the video and song in about five hours in the studio.” – Kenxi Dupey

Collaborations aside, Kenxi has aspirations and goals for her solo career. “I am currently working on my solo acoustic set, which as of now consists of covers however I hope to change that very soon,” she told me in a short interview. I, for one, can’t wait to hear what she has in store for all of us.

Along with RIND Entertainment Kenxi sparked interest from Sinister Guitar Picks. Sinister, known for being the best sounding picks in metal, recently signed Kenxi on as an official Sinister Endorsed Artist. Although they couldn’t be reached for comment at this time, Sinister Guitar Picks is no slouch when it comes to choosing who they endorse.

You can catch Kenxi next Saturday, May 28th, playing a show with Cold Kingdom, VIA , Modern Echo, They Never Say No, and Adam Domack at Hijynx. And she doesn’t stop there. She went on to mentioned, “I also have some really cool opportunities coming up this summer involving The Voodoo Fix, and Brother Grey. You guys will definitely want to stay tuned!” I know I’m hooked. Join Music Speaks Magazine, RIND Entertainment, and Sinister Guitar Picks as we continue to follow Kenxi’s erupting career. That being said… Keep Rockin’ and we’ll see you at the show!

by Joshua J. Crouse

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