We’re back!

Friends, it has been far too long since we last spoke. You may have wondered where we were and I know I was thinking of you. I will spare you the long hello, just as I did the long goodbye. Some things are better left as a mystery, so let’s get down to business!

Music Speaks Magazine has been resurrected like a phoenix bursting from the underworld. We’ve taken no prisoners and plan to fight our way to the top without mercy. What does that mean for you?

For the artists it means visibility, engagement, and tons of fun! We took a look at what it was that worked for you before then put it in a blender with some sweet apple pie, lit that sucker on fire, and turned it into the tastiest brand-new shot at the bar just down the street. We’ve partnered with the biggest and the smallest music festivals and artists to put your beautiful faces, and your music, right at their doorsteps. We’re kicking this off with interviews from Revolution-X and GAIN.

For our readers and fans. You, ladies, gentlemen, and others are the life-blood of our existence so we put you on our most wanted list. All of our issues, weekly, monthly, and quarterly will contain your words. That’s right, you are all welcome to submit reviews of bands, venues, albums, or just rant about music and the industry. Be heard! But that’s not all.

Now you’ll also get exclusive content including personalized emails from artists, gear giveaways, merch discounts, and just-for-you recordings from our live studio. Yep, live studio. Every week we will be featuring a live streaming series focusing on artists that you wont believe you haven’t seen yet.

Think of music television, but without the rules of network TV. These guys and gals are allowed to do ANYTHING! And if you know musicians like I do, you know it will be fun you wont want to miss. All uncut and direct from the weird world of Jeremiah’s Basement. The only thing that’s guaranteed is an exclusive live performance just for you. All you need to do to gain access is go to our website www.MusicSpeaksMagazine.com and hit subscribe. Or, just put your name and email in below and we’ll do the subscribing for you. Once you’re a member of this exclusive list of hardcore fans we’ll email you a link to the show. With just one click you can sit back in your comfy chair and enjoy the show.


Oh yeah, there will be blood. The artists make up the questions themselves. Find out how well you know the bands you love so much. Each month you can submit your answers and we’ll divvy up the booty. I mean, what’s a game of trivia without bad-ass prizes?! Everything from t-shirts and tickets to vinyl exclusives, it’s all yours for the taking. Look for the first Trivia?! questions, rules, and how to submit your answers January 10th on the Music Speaks Magazine home page.

With all of that being said, thank you for being you. Music Speaks Magazine is looking forward to bringing you everything music. Go check out our website at www.MusicSpeaksMagazine.com and our weekly blog by clicking here -> Music Speaks Magazine.

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