Revolution-X and Zoltan

When it comes to metal there are a few requirements in order to be considered “on the level”. Revolition-X has every one of them.

First, hard-hitting, in-your-face vocals from Dan Swanson share the ear-space with clean, unadulterated harmonies that leave you wondering if fate itself had a hand in forming this rising force in the heavy-metal world.

Number two on the requirement list, a rhythm section that shakes the very earth you’ve counted on since birth. Bassist Jay Austin and drummer Scott Wallace do just that; ravaging everything near to a mere fragment of what it used to be.

Thirdly, but certainly not the least by any measure, there must be shredding, chomping, and true grit from the guitar. I was not disappointed. Guitarist Danny Tableman left me in awe that he is just one man. His delivery of melodic rhythms and balls-out shredding solos put me in a rabid dog-like frenzy desperately seeking just a bit more.

Oh, and there sure is more to be had. Each song is masterfully crafted to bring every aspect of the tune front and center. While listening you can’t help yourself. You feel the energy, turn the knob to eleven, and really take your morning commute to the next level.

And that brings us to the music video, Zoltan, which premiered November 7th, 2019. Why so specific? Because you’ll want to remember that date. Recorded at Megatone studio and filmed by Lightminds Entertainment, Zoltan truly brings the mind of a serial killer into the fold of the Revolution-X high-octane brand of metal. Fans clearly welcomed the video, and the new tune, with their heads banging and fists held high.

Here’s what vocalist Dan Swanson had to say when asked about bringing Zoltan to life.

“To see a few random ideas of what we thought we wanted for the video, turn into a full production with characters and a full storyline was such an exciting experience.”

As it turns out, even before the video premiered fans were all over it. Literally.

“We had a whole group of friends come and help out so much, from being actors in the video, helping with makeup and props, etc. It just made the whole experience relaxed and comfortable. Ryan Aschaker from JJO even came down and made an appearance in the video.”

Be sure to catch Revolition-X January 18th at High Noon Saloon in Madison for Wisconsin Hard Rock Fest 2020 and Febuary 8th with Last Crack at the Pabst Brewery and Taproom in Milwaukee.

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