Disappearance of gear.

Stolen, but not forgotten.

Musicians all know one thing going into the trade. It’s expensive. The price of one guitar can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. Being a musician can be one of the most expensive career moves you can make, but also one of the most rewarding. Disapearance knows all about it and they love every second of it.

Every Artist pours their heart and soul, blood, sweat, and tears into their music. So it’s no surprise that when gear gets stolen, it can be a heartbreaking experience. Everything they worked for over sometimes decades can be brought to a screeching halt in just one moment.

Imagine walking outside after a long night of playing for a crowd, meeting the fans, and rubbing elbows with childhood idols. Those nights on the road can leave you with a euphoria you’d never dream could have been possible. But what happens when you round the corner ready to get back on the road only to find everything is not where you left it. Maybe someone just did you a solid and moved the van. So you look around hoping to see your band family laughing as they pull away yelling, “Catch up!” But that isn’t the case. They’re all huddled around a single phone with dread in their eyes as one of them waves you over. As you walk up you notice that everything is off. No one is laughing. Your best friend takes you by the shoulder and has to tell you that the little bit of cash you made that night has to go to a hotel and a ride home. The tour is over for you. Not because you’re out of shows, not because the fans didn’t want to see you in the next city, but because everything you own was just stolen. So, what do you do when all your dreams come crashing down? Disapearance is one band that is finding out how to cope with that tragedy right now. The story above is fictional, but theirs is far more real than they ever wanted it to be.

Based in southern Wisconsin, Disapearance is a 6-piece djent/metalcore band formed in 2013 with the dreams of doing what they love. The band is made up of Chuck Wisco, Rob Strauss, Brandon Austin, Aaron Elston, Andrew Bosko, and Edwin Valentin. With two albums out and a long list of shows under their belt Disapearance are no strangers to the hard work and sacrifice.

On October first of 2019 they experienced a loss that stopped them dead in their tracks.

Information from their GoFundMe fundraiser page shows just how devastating a theft like this can be:

“…our live rig and bass gear was stolen.  This is what we use to play our shows and without it leaves us with very minimal ability to play live again.  Our bass player also lost his prize Warwick bass that he has had for more than a decade.” The link to donate is here: DONATE

“We cannot even come close to expressing how grateful we will be to everyone who decides to help donate to us.”

Disapearance has asked fans and musicians to help get them back on their feet. Here’s what Brandon Austin had to say about what happened.

Please, if you can do something click DONATE and help keep their dreams alive.

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