GAIN, not the new kids on the block

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to listen to every great modern hard rock band at the same time? GAIN, they are exactly what you’d get. You’d be hard-pressed to listen to their music and not hear the resemblance of everything we love about modern rock.

May I mustache you a question?

In 2017 the hard rock/metal band GAIN, began to take shape, and by 2018 four musicians from a varying range of influences like KoRn, Sevendust, Queen, Limp Bizkit, and Blink-182 became something awesome. The foursome may try not to take life too seriously, but they are about as professional as they come. This wasn’t just another hobby that would go unnoticed for the boys in GAIN. They knew at a very early age that this is what they wanted to do.

“Seeing some of these larger than life acts is enough to make any kid say ‘Hey, what they’re doing is pretty awesome, I want to do that.‘ “

I sat down with their video “Paralyzed” and was struck by just how impressive GAIN was. My first thought, “how have I not seen these guys before?!” But then I realized, as a group, they were new to the game. But don’t let that fool you. With an impressive 17 years of experience under their belts as musicians, they are no new kids on the block. I had almost no choice but to find out exactly who they were, and where they’ve been hiding themselves.

The group formed after a few of the guys that had been playing together realized they wanted to go in a different direction. Quickly taking shape after Jared, Jeff, and Brett’s most recent pop-punk/alternative project parted ways the trio realized they were lacking one very important piece. A frontman.

“We knew that we would need a frontman not only with solid pipes but also an explosive stage presence.”

Gentlemen, in my humble opinion, you’ve found your man. Lenny has both the pipes and the big-stage persona that every great band needs. His mix of clean and scream has its place right up along side the big dogs like Flaw, Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, and Papa Roach.

Together with an epic-like stage presence and energy; Lenny, Jared, Jeff and Brett drive the GAIN crowds hard as true entertainers. I don’t think there’s a stage big enough, or small enough, that would hinder these guys in the slightest.

Want to see for yourselves? And I recommend that you do. Here’s a few of the dates and places you can do just that:

February 8th – Music is the Cure 7th Annual Charity Event – City Limits Bar and Banquet –  Manitowoc, WI

February 14th – The Back Bar w/ FLAW – Janesville, WI – We will be joining the boys from GAIN here to catch up a little and snag some merch. So come say hi!

March 13 – Phat Headz II – Green Bay, WI

After releasing two singles in 2018, “Feeding Time” and “Fire Away,” GAIN turned to the studio recording material that would later be released in December 2019 as their EP titled “White Noise”. Listen to “White Noise” here. “Paralyzed”, the featured single off the album, would go on to become the video and earn them much deserved radio play.

Read the full interview here, complete with inside information and personal gear favorites from the musicians of GAIN.

-Is there anything else you’d like to add?

“First off, thanks to everyone at Music Speaks Magazine for reaching out for this interview and giving us an outlet.  This project has been an absolute blast for the past two years and being able to work with folks like you is always a pleasure.  For anyone reading, thank you for taking the time to read our endless blabbering and if you end up checking us out, we would love to see you and hang out at a show!

From singing “Anyways you want it” by Journey in the shower, to telling Dad jokes like nobodies business GAIN is the whole package. It was truly a pleasure to get to know the band and I’m looking forward to following GAIN much closer this year. Look for them in upcoming posts, tweets, carrier pigeons, and our April first-ever print edition of Music Speaks Magazine.

Joshua Crouse – Music Speaks Magazine

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