Cold Comforts, your life has a soundtrack

Cold Comforts. Even the name makes you wonder what’s behind the curtain. Taking their name from a 1932 Stella Gibbons novel “Cold Comfort Farm” you can bet the four Alt Rock musicians have more than just a small sense of culture.

The band formed initially with Kieran Murphy in what he refers to as “an attempt to escape from behind the drums.” He wanted to break out front to begin writing his own songs for a change. He recruited James Vooke, Imogen Shortall, and Jacob Bently to help him realize his dream of fronting an original alternative rock band.

He says his family was likely the driving force behind his musical interests early on, but he embarked on his journey due to friends that needed a drummer for a project, and he stepped up to fill the role. Even though, at the time, he had no idea how to play the drums. I suppose that’s all relative to the musician.

In the beginning Kieran wasn’t all too sure of how to go about accomplishing his new-found destiny in life, but he had an arsenal of songs up his sleeves that, in his mind, “seemed to all be linked stylistically.” So, he gathered is band of like-minded musicians, they jammed a few of the tunes he’d prepared, and from there he says it’s all just history. He certainly has the right idea with influences like Dave Grohl. Kieran had the perfect mindset to embark on the quest to become the frontman he strives to be.

Dave Grohl at the Apple special event
September 12 in San Francisco, CA

“You don’t have to be a d*ck to be successful.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself. The drive to be not only a great musician, but one with uncompromising morals is something not to be scoffed at. In today’s global climate we need more Kierans in the world. Cold Comforts seems to radiate that feeling as well. The songs envelop you with an aura of beauty, warmth, and comfort.

The single “Get Back Up” has been appointed the perfect task illuminating just how emotionally connected Cold Comforts has become. With its sweet sorrowful vocal lead and somber musical background you’d expect a tune that focuses on the down and out. But you’d be dead wrong. As the song jumps into its chorus you find uplifting lyrics with an anthem of refusing defeat. Lyrically, Get Back Up is a symphony of inner battles and unrelenting drive to go on. I couldn’t stop myself from hitting the repeat button on this one. The feeling of being able to tackle anything in front of me was too good to let go as I worked my way through my day. Cold Comforts could easily become the soundtrack in the background of your life.

From making Wookie sounds in his spare time to writing the anthems of our daily lives, Kieran and Cold Comforts has taken its place in my personal playlist. Be sure to check out the full interview here. To the four of you, Cold Comforts, it was a pleasure discovering your music and Music Speaks Magazine is looking forward to following you on your journey.

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