Disappearance, and the reappearance in 2020 with new music

Late last year Disappearance experienced one of the most traumatizing moments an indie band can go through. The theft of thousands of dollars in gear including a prized Warwick bass guitar. After having to tell their fans they would be taking a break due, in part, to the theft the 6-piece djent influenced metal band wasn’t sure if this was the end. The boys from southern Wisconsin did, however, know they wouldn’t give up that easily. They weren’t going to let a little missing gear stop them from doing what they loved. Through determination, a little investigation, and an unexpected Christmas gift Disappearance would emerge triumphant. More on that story here.

Formed at a Noodles in southern Wisconsin, Disappearance began as a female-fronted ‘In This Moment’ or ‘Flyleaf’ style metal band in 2013, but soon took a different path and through various lineup changes became the progressive metalcore/djent band we all know and love today. Pulling its influences from a vast array of genres Disappearance took shape as Chuck Wisco crushing it on vocals, Brandon Austin and Aaron Elston ripping on guitars, Andrew Bosko dominating that Warwick bass and their trusty Macbook, ‘Lil Mac’, doing an epic job as their faceless drummer. They would one day like to replace ‘Lil Mac’, but for now he seems to be doing a great job keeping up with what they are trying to accomplish. If you think you’ve got the skills to keep up, reach out to them. You may just become their newest member.

How they all came to be as the band we know now is like a lot of stories, but with a few exceptions. Brandon Austin, a founding member of Disappearance, had always wanted to be in a band before joining. At the age of 27 he decided that he had enough of waiting and just decided to go for it. Andrew Bosko was a Craigslist find that turned out to be an invaluable member ever since.

Brandon Austin

“I wanted to be part of a band where I could be experimental” – Andrew Bosko, Bass guitar.

Andrew got his wish more than once with Disappearance. His Warwick bass was tracked down after being stolen late last year, but in just a few short months he was reunited with the personal treasure.

Andrew Bosko

Shortly after Andrew joined the Disappearance family Aaron Elston hopped aboard in 2014 stating, “I liked what I saw from the add and then liked what I heard on the demos. I knew the band had potential”.

Aaron Elston

Chuck Wisco followed in 2017 after receiving a message about forming a djent style band. It didn’t take him long to leap at the idea. From that point on, Chuck has been a staple member in their style and live image.

Chuck Wisco

“Brandon hit me up after posting a message on Facebook about forming a djenty band, I listened to their demos of new stuff and liked the direction they were going and knew this was something I wanted to be a part of.” – Chuck Wisco

Along with the new material hitting your ears this spring I hear rumors of a new addition to the vocal lineup adding to the depth and energy of their already immersive live performance.

“…influences from so many different genres combine into a sonic audio assault…” – Disappearance

The newest member, who shall be referred to as ‘Jimmy the New Guy’ because the band hasn’t made his existence formal just yet. Had this to say about his introduction into the band,

“Fall 2019 I was approached after the band finding out that one of their singers was leaving if I would like to come aboard.  I had previously been in another band with Andrew, so I was familiar with his work and Disappearance’s music.” – Jimmy the New Guy

To date Disappearance has given us two full-length albums, self-titled and Humanity Pending, both tearing through the void with monstrous proportions. Listen to Disappearance on Spotify here. This spring both the avid and new listener will have the pleasure of experiencing what comes next with the teasers of new music and additional vocal mayhem.

Disappearance knew they were going to be taking some time off to train up Jimmy the New Guy and put down all this new material so you’ll have to wait in suspense with the rest of us until May 22 of this year at The Annex in Madison to fully witness the full ‘sonic audio assault’ that is Disappearance. I can say for sure that I will be there, with or without the bells on, to welcome the boys back to the stage. They’ve been though a lot in the last year, but they refused to let anything stand in their way. I have no doubt that we’ll be hearing from Disappearance for many years to come with their level of dedication.

— Joshua Crouse – Music Speaks Magazine

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