Ceteri, punk on its feet

Ceteri, Milwaukee-based Pop/Punk that keeps you on your feet and in the groove. With the most recent release of their single Rainbow Road the pleasantly obscure, but wide open rhythmic band of punks has surpassed my personal expectations. You’ve gotta love a band that takes its music seriously, but not too seriously. Be sure to check out their album, Tough $h!t. Keep reading for my personal take on Ceteri and their pop/punk influenced tunes.

I’ve explored a large portion of pop/punk out there and Ceteri has the tunes that will keep you jumping out of your seat, running in circles, and motivated for days. I, personally, cleaned my entire house with Ceteri tracks blasting the neighbors ears this morning. I haven’t always been a large fan of pop/punk so it takes a special breed to get me to put the tunes on repeat. I enjoyed the hell out of Ceteri with their upbeat tempos, seemingly entertaining attitudes, and all around fun vibes. If you’re into the pop/punk style of pick-me-up, check out Ceteri on Facebook, Reverbnation, or their website at http://www.ceterirocks.com. I’ve added a video of their new single, Rainbow Road below.

– Joshua Crouse — Music Speaks Magazine

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