GAIN, not the new kids on the block

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to listen to every great modern hard rock band at the same time? GAIN, they are exactly what you’d get. You’d be hard-pressed to listen to their music and not hear the resemblance of everything we love about modern rock. Continue reading GAIN, not the new kids on the block


GAIN, and bands just like them are why Music Speaks Magazine exists. We love getting to know the men and women behind the tunes we love to rock out to in the car, or laying in bed escaping the day. Here’s what they had to say about a few questions we thought would help you get to know them. -Can you provide a brief history of the band and its formation? The four of us started jamming and writing together in the fall of 2017. We started GAIN with the sole intention of playing music that we all enjoyed and … Continue reading GAIN

Flashback Friday: ByeGosh Fest brought 3Oh!3 to Oshkosh

You were possibly, most likely, there. Reeve Union Board of UW Oshkosh has given students plenty to celebrate and bringing 3Oh!3 to campus is up towards the top. The Ready Set and The Millennium out of Eau Claire, WI shared the bill on Cinco De Mayo to conclude the 2016 academic year. Bye Gosh Fest has had a ramping history of creating untouchable opportunities for regional, local and student openers to make a lasting impression. First on the bill, The Millennium, is no stranger to UW Oshkosh having played at the two-stage WISCO! Music Festival held every March inside the student union … Continue reading Flashback Friday: ByeGosh Fest brought 3Oh!3 to Oshkosh