Disappearance, and the reappearance in 2020 with new music

After having to tell their fans they would be taking a break due, in part, to the theft the 6-piece prgressive metalcore/djent influenced band wasn’t sure if this was the end. The boys from southern Wisconsin did, however, know they wouldn’t give up that easily. They weren’t going to let a little missing gear stop them from doing what they loved. Continue reading Disappearance, and the reappearance in 2020 with new music

STEEZ, the ‘Funk’ in Funkadelic!

Steez, Creepfunk, and what to do with the ‘D’. They call themselves Creepfunk, but the Madison-based band known as Steez has been putting the funk back in Funkadelic. With a colorful stage presence, beats that cause instant sway, and jams that’ll have you dancing late into the show, Steez fills the room at the Mirimar Theatre and Majestic Room in Madison on the regular. It’s no surprise either. Once you get that first note in your ear, there’s no stopping the funk from taking over. This year they’ll be playing Brat Fest at Willow Island in Madison on May 29th, and I for … Continue reading STEEZ, the ‘Funk’ in Funkadelic!