We’re back!

Friends, it has been far too long since we last spoke. You may have wondered where we were and I know I was thinking of you. I will spare you the long hello, just as I did the long goodbye. Some things are better left as a mystery, so let’s get down to business! Continue reading We’re back!

Flashback Friday: ByeGosh Fest brought 3Oh!3 to Oshkosh

You were possibly, most likely, there. Reeve Union Board of UW Oshkosh has given students plenty to celebrate and bringing 3Oh!3 to campus is up towards the top. The Ready Set and The Millennium out of Eau Claire, WI shared the bill on Cinco De Mayo to conclude the 2016 academic year. Bye Gosh Fest has had a ramping history of creating untouchable opportunities for regional, local and student openers to make a lasting impression. First on the bill, The Millennium, is no stranger to UW Oshkosh having played at the two-stage WISCO! Music Festival held every March inside the student union … Continue reading Flashback Friday: ByeGosh Fest brought 3Oh!3 to Oshkosh

STEEZ, the ‘Funk’ in Funkadelic!

Steez, Creepfunk, and what to do with the ‘D’. They call themselves Creepfunk, but the Madison-based band known as Steez has been putting the funk back in Funkadelic. With a colorful stage presence, beats that cause instant sway, and jams that’ll have you dancing late into the show, Steez fills the room at the Mirimar Theatre and Majestic Room in Madison on the regular. It’s no surprise either. Once you get that first note in your ear, there’s no stopping the funk from taking over. This year they’ll be playing Brat Fest at Willow Island in Madison on May 29th, and I for … Continue reading STEEZ, the ‘Funk’ in Funkadelic!

WiFEE and the HUZz BAND!

Hot Rods, Saxophones, and Cool Cats. WiFEE and the HUZz Band has it all. WiFEE and the HUZz BAND is an all you can eat buffet. From their big band image to the tauntingly burlesque vocals, the entire outfit oozes musical prowess. With your first glimpse at their classy threads you know you’re about to see a show-stopping band. Take a load off, tip your hat to the barkeep, and take a listen. It’s not very often you come across big bands anymore. Most groups prefer to stay with the standard lineup – guitars, bass, drums, and vocals – but WiFEE … Continue reading WiFEE and the HUZz BAND!

David Bowie, the Masterpiece Called Blackstar

One of the worlds greatest artists has something to say. David Bowie, one of music’s greatest contributors, and most creative minds, released his latest, and final album on January 8th, 2016. Bowie had been vigorously brawling against cancer’s ever growing grasp on his health. Taking things one day at a time, fighting for every syllable, Bowie defied every crushing blow the universe could throw at him with grace. He was determined to see his final parting gift to the world released, and he did just that. No more than two days after the release of his final contribution, David Bowie … Continue reading David Bowie, the Masterpiece Called Blackstar