Bobaflex is coming to Oshkosh, WI!

Bobaflex loves Wisconsin!

by Joshua Crouse – Music Speaks Magazine

Bobaflex to play at Rock USA 2016

Music Speaks Magazine got the opportunity to talk with Marty McCoy to find out a little about their upcoming performance at Rock USA 2016 in July. I have to tell you, these guys are a blast. Not only do they rock hard, but are all around great guys too.

“I love playing shows in Wisconsin…” – Marty McCoy

When we spoke, he had nothing but great things to say about our epic state and the way we support music. I’m not sure who’s more excited for Rock USA, Bobaflex, or the thousands of fans that will get a chance to see these guys in action. Pick up your tickets for Rock USA here. Be sure to grab a copy of Music Speaks Magazine for the full interview and check out the official Bobaflex band page here. Keep rockin’ Wisconsin!

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