Laurentian Tides, doing it the right way

Formed in Grand Rapids, Michigan during 2015 Laurentian Tides dubbed themselves an “intricate progressive metal” band. The band in its current format is made up of vocalist Alejandro Aguirre, guitarist Bill Hughes, bass guitarist Kenny Herrick, and percussionist Richardoug Harris. They set out to develop something new and different in an effort to get away from the common structures of today’s sometimes crowded metal scene. The undertaking doesn’t come easily to most, but for Laurentian Tides the concept of obscurity flows almost effortlessly.

Alejandro-  “I got into music at a very young age. My parents got me into Michael Jackson, Vanilla Ice, and Metallica. But it wasn’t til I went to my first metal show with Spineshank and American Headcharge that I realized that I wanted to be a part of it. “

“Too much music is just following the same formula. We like to let the song naturally evolve.”

Laurentian Tides allows their song writing to “truly venture further into the complexities of humanity’s abyss”. I brushed across them almost purely by accident surfing the good old internet for something. Really anything that might peak my interest. I was having one of those days when none of the ordinary tunes were hitting the spot. Then, just when I was about to abandon the search and resort to the television for comfort, I pressed play on a horror styled video frame. This was it. This is exactly what I had been looking for. The video for “Have My Ghost” is, in my opinion, one of the best self-produced videos I’ve seen to date.

“Have My Ghost” the first single off In the Wake of the Great Collapse.

In July of 2017, Laurentian Tides released their debut album, Sacred Geometry. Personally, they believe the album was released in haste, but vowed to take things slower with their next album. From then on they have devoted themselves to taking their time to make it perfect. In late 2018, the band went into Avenger Audio to record the full length studio album, In the Wake of the Great Collapse. To be released early in 2020.

Laurentian Tides’ debut album, Sacred Geometry, watch the lyric video for their first single, “Architects” below.

Almost immediately you’re taken for a ride you weren’t expecting. Imagine if Tool and the Deftones got together to write a metal album. You’d get Laurentian Tides releasing their second album, In the Wake of the Great Collapse. The release is slated for Friday the 13th, March 2020. A fitting release date if you’d ask me. If you’re looking for something new then you should shoot over to their Facebook page here, give them a like, and follow what they’ve got going on. But don’t be late to the party. January 7th they are planning to unveil a new single off the upcoming album.

For the complete interview click here and to check out their music on Spotify, click here.

For Laurentian Tides music is a passion. It would be no surprise to see their name attached to some serious bills this summer. They tell me that there are big plans in the works as they book up their future dates. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them this year and you should too. Keep rockin’, thanks for reading Music Speaks Magazine, and we’ll see you at the show.

– Joshua Crouse – Music Speaks Magazine

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