Flashback Friday: ByeGosh Fest brought 3Oh!3 to Oshkosh

You were possibly, most likely, there. Reeve Union Board of UW Oshkosh has given students plenty to celebrate and bringing 3Oh!3 to campus is up towards the top. The Ready Set and The Millennium out of Eau Claire, WI shared the bill on Cinco De Mayo to conclude the 2016 academic year. Bye Gosh Fest has had a ramping history of creating untouchable opportunities for regional, local and student openers to make a lasting impression.

DSCN0666 (2).JPG

First on the bill, The Millennium, is no stranger to UW Oshkosh having played at the two-stage WISCO! Music Festival held every March inside the student union in years passed. While students (that’s you) moseyed in for free cotton candy, caricatures, pedal Go-Karts and pictures, act one of three put pick to string and stick to snare at 3:30 PM sharp to guarantee a celebration that would not fall flat.

Class of 2016 kids mere days away from cap and gown gave the nod of approval to RUB for yet another show day of clear skies and temperatures warm enough to melt your snow cone. The speaker cones broadcasted five brand new EP releases for The Millennium and some clever covers with lyrics overlapping from song to song. Kyle, known as “Feather,” out of Hudson, WI shared some insight to the Eua Claire act’s experience playing around Wisconsin.


“My last band played WISCO! the first year. That was two-three years ago, and we played it last year. We play in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area, not as much in Eau Claire. Aside from that we play in Chicago. We don’t normally get to come to Eastern Wisconsin as much with the exception of Oshkosh and we just played in Green Bay for the first time.”

When asked about the type of following that The Millennium has come to enjoy after several music video releases tip-toeing into the tens of thousands of views, Feather says “There’s people from Chicago here today that I’ve seen and from other places, and they scream the words. Half of our show is the audience. We play all the original songs but we like to throw covers in here and there.”

With 3Oh!3 being an exciting headliner for a campus event and having a history with Katy Perry, The Millennium picked a fine day to debut a Katy Perry medley. Kyle says if she were to have showed up he thinks he could of kept his cool and not gone fan girl.

Catching up with Sean and Nathaniel of 3Oh!3, the duo are getting the word out about their new album Night Sports. Sean says “If you like the earlier stuff it’s very much that, just me and Nat having fun in our basement.” As for playing in Oshkosh, “Growing up in Boulder we grew up in a college town so playing colleges just makes sense for us.”

Nathaniel says of Wisconsin, “My history of being in Wisconsin is very rich, I love being here, we’ve been here a lot of times. We’ve played Warped Tour in Milwaukee, we’ve played in Madison, we just played a Bernie Sanders rally in Milwaukee. We have loved the city of Milwaukee from day one.”


The stage for Bye Gosh has not, however, been the same from day one. Over the years the event location has moved from place to place, including behind Reeve by the long-gone Nelson/Clemons Hall space that the Horizon Village Suites now occupy. The Traveling Suitcase cut their teeth with originals like “Show Me Your Teeth” in 2012.

Something to Do out of Milwaukee WiSKAnsin and Reel Big Fish made made opener Mad Chad Taylor’s chainsaw juggling even more SKAwesome than usual for 2013.

2014 brought the spotlight to former guard for the Titan’s Men’s basketball squad MA Johnson for a live hip-hop showcase, nowadays having three songs in the catalog that mention UWO. Paul Robert and the Hall of Famers were the other ensemble to mesmerize the campus community with vibrant reincarnations of decades of rock classics as Megan Clarke dropped jaws with her poignant drummer chic solos on the 4-piece kit to introduce Mike Posner to the Titans.

Plans to move outside by the Rec and Wellness Center called for two years of enacting contingency plans to shift the setting indoors due to rain and got the fair weather that Bye Gosh fans were waiting for to make a farewell show to remember in 2015. Dylan Finley of the UW Oshkosh Music Major got some shine with the help of DJ 10 Speed to warm the audience up for YouTube sensation Timeflies, also Bryce Vine.


Michael Lokken

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